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Chilibangs represent the spirit of a community. Visionary artists and enthusiasts are joining forces to change the world together. We live both fundamental human values & Web3 technology to facilitate those.

JOin us on web3 Wednesday in Lisbon 

At chilibangs we bring human values into web3 communities. We unite artists, creators, and innovators to change the status quo. From the physical world to the metaverse, we’re creating new energy called chili BANGS!

NO Sugar, All spice

Follow these 3 simple steps to create an event that your community will never forget!


Submit request

Click through our chatbot, and tell us your name,  email, the size of your planned event and everything else we should know.

Meet the Chili-Nation

The Chilibangs team will contact you shortly. We will invite you to join one of our meet-ups (can be online). We’ll then set the plan for your event.

Share the event online

Once the party-plan is set. We have a network of web3 OG’s and party enthusiast we can invite, spicing up your event! 

With web3 on the rise. We’re helping the most forward-thinking innovators by making remarkable 

Ola! My name is spicy bruno 

I believe we can use the power of web3 to drive change for the world’s best interest. If you’re like me, you’re held back by modern society. It doesn’t have to be like that. I’m gathering these people to form a community of creation & empowerment.



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